Salads: 1-8

Ham Rose Salad

Salads are something I enjoy having ago at fun plating ideas such as the roses with deli meat. This one had ranch dressing, celery batons, cherry tomato, mixed leaves, cucumber slices and the ham rolled into roses. Continue reading “Salads: 1-8”


Slow Cooker Recipes

Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Wedges & Broccolini
Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Wedges & Broccolini

Slow Cooker Meals save time and effort. You just add the ingredients then set the slow cooker to high or low cooking and the machine does the rest.  Great for any time of year.

When I was just starting to cook they were called crock pots in the 1980s and meals would be mush because they were left on for too long. Continue reading “Slow Cooker Recipes”

Plating Tips

Plating comes in all sizes and shapes and it can be a good idea to know different styles and techniques which I will attempt to show on this page.

It is a fun thing to create new style with food and no two meals are ever the same with me. Catering and Chef have their own style of catering for consistency but that is not me as I am not a restaurant owner nor own a catering business. I however have qualified and completed a commercial catering course in 1996. Continue reading “Plating Tips”