Bean Salad#4

Another Pot Luck Dish for Summer. Quick and easy to prepare.

Bean Salad #4

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Slaw #4 with Peanut Sauce

Bring a Dish to Share Pot Luck Dinner. I made another slaw that was quick and easy and teamed it with my peanut sauce #2 recipe and my coconut cream sauce recipe.

Slaw#4 with Peanut Sauce & Chicken

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Brown Rice Salad

Brown Rice Salad

I don’t often do rice salads but when I do I give it a Mexican or cumin flavour boost. This makes a great accompaniment to chili con carne, tacos, burritos or fajitas. You can even add the rice salad to the mince.

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Pasta Cranberry Salad

Pasta Cranberry Salad

I don’t often use pasta but when I do it’s Gluten Free. This salad uses fresh parsley picked from my vegepod. I served it  with only a little dressing. The sweetness of the cranberries means you don’t need to add sugar. The Beans and pasta make a filling salad and is different from the normal garden salad most people make.

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