Cook with Barb: Fancy Entree’s

barb’s fancy entrée


I don’t normally do fancy plates of food except for salad but wanted to give a entrée a go.

It all depends on where the plate is placed as far as the photo goes you can see 2 different angles of the same plate of food.

This was a Asian inspired dish.  Continue reading “Cook with Barb: Fancy Entree’s”


Cook with Barb: Fancy Salads

Barb’s Fancy Salad

I love creating fancy salads from simple ingredients. Yes they take time (20-30min to make depending on how steady your hands are) and effort but love doing it for a treat for myself.

Recipes follow in the other posts.


Cook with Barb: Fancy Salads


barb’s ham rose salad

I love to create and experiment with food to get different results. These are some salads I have done for 1 serve. I like to create different  plating techniques I have learnt along the way.

They are very simple and basic ingredients most people have in the house.

I hope you enjoy them.  Continue reading “Cook with Barb: Fancy Salads”