I am a home cook who has had over 40yrs cooking experience. I have also qualified as a commercial caterer although I don’t have a business. I work from home and volunteer for church catering events as well as cooking for family and friends.

I began blogging about 4 years ago when several friends requested recipes so it was a great way to share them with a bigger audience. I then joined Pinterest and loaded my photos of meals I have created which are updated at the start of each year to make way for newer recipes.The old blog was http://barbsrecipestocreate.wordpress.com which is no longer available so this is the updated one from that link.

My 2017 recipes can be found at https://barbsvegepod.wordpress.com/

This is my older blog featuring pre-2017 recipes and photos of my favourite recipes and most requested ones. Recipes will be loaded in the next few weeks so thanks for your patience.