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Crying Tiger Sauce
Crying Tiger Sauce

Sauce from the previous post of Best of Barb’s Lite Meals.

The sauce is for the Thai Tiger Pork dish. Some call the dish luc luc, weeping tiger, shaking beef. It has a hint of spiciness to it with the pepper. Optional Add Thai Red Birds Eye Chili to marinade if you like spikey

Marinade Ingredients :

1sp Sesame oil

1Tb Thai Oyster Sauce

1tsp Garlic minced

1/2 Red Asian Shallot diced

1Tb Fish Sauce

1Tb Palm Sugar

Pinch White Pepper

Pinch Black Pepper

1Tb Light Soy

1tsp Corn flour with 1tb warm water to make a slurry

Water if needed.

Optional : 1 Thai Birds Eye Red Chili diced with seeds if you want spikey

Mix together and add the sirloin thin steak strips to marinade for minimum 2 hours. Then pan fry in peanut oil.


Make Dipping sauce for the dressing

1 Asian shallot thinly sliced

1/2 tsp palm sugar

small pinch sea-salt

3-cracks of black pepper

1Tb rice vinegar

2 Tb water

Mix together to serve with dish


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