Soy & Maple Chicken

Chicken with Soy & Maple Dressing
Chicken with Soy & Maple Dressing

This was a meal made on vacation with what little ingredients I had to work with as it was the end of the trip and had to cook for 3.

This dressing is awesome.

Chicken Breast fillet per person

Dressing :

1Tb Soy Sauce

2Tb Maple Syrup 100% Canadian

2Tb Dried Mint

1Tb Peanut Oil

Sides :

1 Pouch Brown Rice 90 Second Microwave

3 Carrots sliced

1 1/2 Cups Green Beans



Mix sauce and syrup together and add the mint and marinate for 20-30 minutes. Then cook in fry pan with oil and marinade until cooked through. Cover with lid until ready to serve with heat off.

Meanwhile Cook sides. Steam carrots and beans in microwave steamer for 2-3 minutes

Cook rice according to directions on pouch

Serve with the chicken and sauce.



Author: fpaust

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