Salads: 1-8

Ham Rose Salad

Salads are something I enjoy having ago at fun plating ideas such as the roses with deli meat. This one had ranch dressing, celery batons, cherry tomato, mixed leaves, cucumber slices and the ham rolled into roses.

Here are some of my favourite ones. Ingredients listed below.


Chicken White Rose

Chicken Deli Meat for the white roses, Soccerball ham for the pink roses. Teamed with mixed salad leaves, sundried tomatoes, cucumber slices in half, goat cheese and cherry tomato.




Turkey Radish Salad

Turkey Radish Salad with Cherry tomato, coral lettuce leaves,





Salmon Heart Vermicelli Salad

Smoked Salmon Hearts with Cos Lettuce, Vermicelli, Raw Peanuts, Snow Peas and Vietnamese Dressing





Kanga Salad


Kanga Salad has kangaroo fillet grilled and served with Coral lettuce, Cucumber Spiral, Cherry tomato halves, grated carrot






Chicken Salad Plate
Chicken Salad Plate

My all time favourite salad plate inspired 2008 at St Vincent’s Wintergarden Café *(has since changed management and can no longer get the salads)

Rolled Chicken supreme breast, Mixed leaves, Grated carrot, Cherry tomato & cucumber


Turkey Avocado Garden Salad

Another inspired salad from Wintergarden Café. This is my Turkey Breast, Red onion Rings, Sliced Tomato, Yellow Capsicum, Avocado with Lettuce Leaf.





Kale, Blackberry & Orange Salad

I hadn’t seen many blackberries in the shops so I bought them and teamed them with kale, orange segments, red onion, cherry tomato and coral lettuce leaves.



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