Salads : 9-11

1st-tuna-saladHere are some of my salads that are so quick to make and tasty meals.

I am often in a rush at lunch and want something to fill me up until dinner.

So many things to put in a salad.

1/ Shown Above – Tuna Salad serves 1

2 Premium Saltine Crackers

90g Basil & Sundried tomato tuna


1 handful Coral lettuce

1/2 Red onion sliced into rings

3 Cherry tomatoes halved

3 Slices cucumber halved

1Tb Lite French Dressing


Cut the onion into rings. Slice the tomatoes in half.

Make the salad in the bowl  with leaves then top with remaining ingredients and place onto serving plate.

Open the tin of tuna and serve in small ramekin or straight from tin if you prefer

Cut the crackers in middle to make 4 squares and assemble around the plate.








2/ Vermicelli Salad Serves 2

1 Vermicelli Cake

1 Carrot Grated

1/2 Lime

1/4 Lebanese Cucumber

1/2 Red Onion Sliced

1 green Shallot

20g Peanuts

1Tb Sweet Chili Sauce


Soak Vermicelli in warm water until translucent

Grate Carrot. Slice the cucumber and shallots.

Peel the cucumber into strips with peeler lengthwise down the cucumber

Spread between 2 plates or bowls

Top with remaining ingredients.

Deconstructed Gado Gado







3/ Deconstructed Gado Gado Serves 1

1 Potato Boiled and the cut into wedges

1/2 Cup Green beans

2 eggs boiled to your liking

1 green shallot sliced

1 small wedge red cabbage

1 carrot grated

2Tb Gado Gado Sauce


Buy the Gado Gado from Asian stores or make your own

*its a basic peanut recipe with tamarind and shrimp paste.

Slice Vegetables as listed and then assemble down the bowl



Author: fpaust

I am a home vegepod owner. I am no green thumb. this blog is seed to harvest to meal plus my other recipes and photos of meals made