Salads 12-14

kale-beetroot-n-avocadoMore of my salads that take next to no time to assemble.

Using a spiralizer can also make salads fun to eat like noodles.

Choose lots of different colours and flavours that work together.  I also like to try different vegetables I haven’t had before.


12/ Pictured above Kale Avocado and beetroot Serves 1

1 Beetroot Spiralized

1/2 avocado sliced thinly

1 handful kale about 2-3 large leaves


Strip the kale off the stem

Spiralize the beetroot and place in middle of plate

Cut the Avocado into thin strips and assemble around the beetroot

then add the kale.








13/ Beetroot, cucumber Salad Serves 1

1 beetroot

1/4 Lebanese Cucumber

5 Cherry tomatoes

1 handful shredded iceberg lettuce

Optional : Chicken breast Fillet cooked with ranch seasoning


Slice the beetroot into circles then quarters

Same with the cucumber

Slice cherry tomatoes into half

Shred the lettuce and place in middle of plate

top with remaining slices in alternating slices around the plate.beetroot-salad-with-ranch-chicken







Tip: If using chicken spread the ranch seasoning on chicken breast and pan fry both sides until cooked through then slice and place on top of the salad

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad








14/Caesar Salad serves 1

2 Slices lean Middle Cut Bacon

1 Egg

2-3 Cos Lettuce leaves

1 Slice toast

30g Parmesan shaved cheese

1Tb Caesar Dressing (optional: I also use ranch or aioli)


Cook bacon and egg to your liking in non stick skillet

Toast the toast and cut into squares to make croutons

Shred lettuce and place on plate.

Top with remaining ingredients


Author: fpaust

I am a home vegepod owner. I am no green thumb. this blog is seed to harvest to meal plus my other recipes and photos of meals made