Salad Bowls

Turkey Maple Syrup Salad Bowl

Salad bowls were introduced to me by another hospital trip. I had never seen a combination like this one so went home and made it from the ingredients I could recall.

It then became a new way for me to plate salads and try different textures.

Serves 1

30g Turkey Breast Deli Slices

3 Cherry Tomato

1 Cheek Yellow Capsicum

3 Button Mushrooms

1 Handful mixed leaves

30g Cheese Shapes

2Tb 100% Canadian Maple Syrup



Roll the deli slices and place to one side of the bowl

Place a small plastic container to the side for the cheese shapes to sit in so they don’t get soggy

Place the mixed leaves in the bowl

Slice tomatoes in half and capsicum into strips and slice the mushrooms then place on top of the mixed leaves.

Place a sauce pot into the bowl and fill with maple syrup.



Author: fpaust

I am a home vegepod owner. I am no green thumb. this blog is seed to harvest to meal plus my other recipes and photos of meals made