Pressure Cooker Meals


Pressure Cooker Meals are something I am still experimenting with as I didn’t use it when I first got it.

Some great recipes that have meal ready in 20 minutes

It is a favourite recipe of mine and one I go back to time and again.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Salad
Pressure Cooker Chicken Salad

Ingredients per person

2 Breast Pieces

1/2 Cup Water

1 Tb Lite French Dressing

Served with: Spiralized Salad

Optional : Beetroot

Pressure Cooked Chicken with Salad & Beetroot
Pressure Cooker Chicken Breast

Method for Chicken
Place the pieces in to pressure cooker with water

Close lid until it seals properly and then press the chicken setting

It cooks in 20 minutes. Let it rest with lid on when timer goes off.

Just before serving release the lid but be careful as the steam is hot.


Spiralized Salad: Per Person

1 Carrot

1/4 Lebanese Cucumber

5 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Handful Iceberg Lettuce


Use spiralized machine to spiralized carrot and cucumber

Place on plate with cherry tomatoes and mixed leaves.

When ready to serve place the chicken on the plate.

Drizzle over 1Tb Lite French Dressing on the chicken.


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