Plating Tips

Plating comes in all sizes and shapes and it can be a good idea to know different styles and techniques which I will attempt to show on this page.

It is a fun thing to create new style with food and no two meals are ever the same with me. Catering and Chef have their own style of catering for consistency but that is not me as I am not a restaurant owner nor own a catering business. I however have qualified and completed a commercial catering course in 1996.


Steamed Japanese Gyoza with Sweet Chili Sauce

Round plate with round ramekin: Round is the theme of this plate. Circular motions draws the eye to the centre of the plate.






Thai Crying Tiger Pork

Different shaped items on round plates eg ramekins of different sizes and shapes can help accentuate the colours on the plate. A plain background to work with the colours of the food presented.




Rice Free Sushi

Once again round plate and ramekin which is the same used in photo no 1.

As you can see different food cut in different shapes can add variety to the plate.




Twice Cooked Beef

The same plate and ramekin as photo no 2

Once again different layout of the food items and different colours of the food show a different way to plate with various textures and shapes of food.



Lemon Honey Garlic Butter Sauce

Same plate and ramekin as no 2 and 4.

Having a sauce on the plate adds another element to the dish. Some restaurants serves sauces in separate ramekins. Plating the meat in this case fish on top of a stack of vegetables adds height to the dish


Slow Cooked Pork with Orange Sauce

This is same plate and ramekin as 1 and 3.

This is what I mean with regards to serving sauce in separate dish.

The meat is often sliced then fanned out to make it appear there is more meat.



Tumeric Ginger Chips 2

Once again this emphasizes height by using different shaped and height serving dishes. In this case the chips are the main feature for the recipe.

You can also use baking parchment to highlight a white background for brown and yellow items. Different colours plate differently.


Sun Breakfast

Same Plate and Ramekin in no 1, 3 and 4.

Breakfasts pose a challenge to plate as there isn’t many items.

Here I have combined fruit as well on the plate. according to chef’s its not recommended.


Tumeric Wraps

Different colours for the main plate can highlight certain food colours.

This black plate emphasizes the yellow wrap which is often hard to do. I find that the black plates are great for softer colours.



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I am a home vegepod owner. I am no green thumb. this blog is seed to harvest to meal plus my other recipes and photos of meals made