Lemon Herb Chicken

Herb Lemon Chicken with Fennel Slaw

This was a great recipe I created in 2014 and was a favourite amongst many who tried it when entertaining.

The fennel slaw was a recipe inspired by Bill Granger Recipe.

Ingredients per person

1 Breast Fillet boneless and skinless

Cooking spray Olive Oil

Equal amounts 1tsp of each : marjoram, sage, parsley, rosemary, thyme

Lemon Juice


Spray breast with cooking spray and then sprinkle over the herbs and spices over the chicken and cook herb side down just until the sides of the chicken turn white then flip and cook further 2-3 minutes until no longer pink or juices run clear. Turn off the heat and place lid on skillet until serving. When serving sprinkle over lemon juice.

Make fennel slaw with grated fennel, grated carrot, mint, parsley and garlic aioli or mayo with garlic added and a squirt of lemon juice. Mix together and serve with chicken.


Author: fpaust

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