rose-and-heart-good-morning-bfstBreakfasts to me are not the traditional toast or cereal.

I have salads, leftover dinners, pan fried meals, just to name a few items.

These are some of my favourites

1/ Shown Above. Boiled egg with Ham Roses, Rocket Leaves, Ranch Dressing with Good Morning Toast and Logical Margarine.

Place bread in toaster and toast to your liking then spread with the margarine. Then use the good morning stamp to make the imprint on the toast.

I have a “good Morning” Stamp that you simply press into the cooked and buttered toast to make the sunrise indent and good morning saying. There are several different types of stamps I found in kitchenware shops.

Boiled the egg in egg poacher (or cook on stove in saucepan for about 7 minutes in boiling water) and then placed into a heart shaped cutter mold also found in the kitchen shops.

To make the roses roll sliced ham in a concertina fan then roll in a circular motion like rolling up a swag.

Place the rocket on the bottom and top with the ham roses, boiled egg.

Place dots of ranch dressing on the rim of the plate and drag a skewer down the dots to make heart shape.

Bacon Egg & Goat Cheese Salad
Bacon Egg & Goat Cheese Salad







Bacon Egg & Goat Cheese Salad Serves 1

This was also a breakfast for me.

1 egg

2 Slices bacon

30g Goat Cheese

6 Cherry tomatoes

1 handful Coral lettuce


Cook bacon and egg in non stick skillet with cooking spray

Slice goats cheese into thin strips

Place lettuce on plate and then top with cherry tomato and goat cheese

with egg and bacon.


Author: fpaust

I am a home vegepod owner. I am no green thumb. this blog is seed to harvest to meal plus my other recipes and photos of meals made